Hey world, cynical, beautiful world. My name is Vivian and JustmeV is my alter ego, and we are trying something new. Venturing into unknown territory, taking a plunge in the deep end, whatever you want to say, I am here to create a persona of my own and write about things I will probably never say.

First thing you should know is that I like a lot of things: random things that maybe don’t fit together in any nice fashion, but things that I enjoy writing or ranting about. I particularly have a love for books and music and have a fondness for the arts (though I can’t draw to save my life).

I am currently a student with a crap-load of work cut out for me, but no matter, because such is life. You’ll probably find me posting about my wisdom as a teenager (hah) and things I find funny or awesome. Outside Hook is a place for me to share bits and pieces of me with all of you, and hopefully you’ll find these things funny and awesome too!

So that’s me in a nutshell! Enjoy the Outside Hook.


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