Beautiful Redemption

Book Stats:

  • Beautiful Redemption
  • Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
  • Released October 23rd 2012
  • Book 4 of the Caster Chronicles
  • 3 Stars

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Ethan Wate is dead. Stuck somewhere between the living world and heaven/hell, Ethan and everyone stuck there with him have to figure out what their purpose is. Meanwhile, Ethan’s friends in the real world are willing to do anything to get him back, even if it means trusting old enemies or risking their lives. When their most powerful foe is defeated, all seems to be going well but it turns out that there may be a bigger threat, one that can control the fate of the whole world both caster and human. Surrounded by supernatural, it may be Ethan’s mortality that is everyone’s final savior.


This is a tough last book to review because at once I both loved the characters and never wanted to let them go, and also felt that the book was too straightforward, too short and predictable.

In an interesting twist, this book includes Lena’s perspective for the whole second of three parts. I liked her voice actually, though I was pretty concerned with it being super depressing. It was weird actually listening to it on audiobook and hearing voices like Ridley and Amma read from a female narrator rather than a male one, but overall I did like her section.

My main concern with this book is that it is one overstretched journey. The balance between the mortal world and the other world is strange at times – it’s a long stretch of narration in one world before you go to the other – but I think that it worked out nicely making the action split up. Ethan does some digging around and then the story moves back into the mortal world for a while where some action goes down and then again it goes back to the other world. Back and forth like that kept the plot together. Still, it feels like everything worked out too well – there are really no failures for anyone – though I suppose this is fair after all the tragedy in the last book.

I don’t really I know I can put in this review… I mean if you’re reading the fourth book, you obviously like the series enough to have gone this far and that’s basically how I feel. This series has its fair share of struggles, but the characters grow and the story arc is intricate. It’s worth finishing this book if you’re this part, especially because the end is moving and IMO a pretty good ending. I leaves me emotional, but not too clingy.

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