Book Stats:

  • Rush
  • Eve Silver
  • Released June 11th 2013
  • Book 1 of The Game series
  • 3 Stars

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Miki Jones’s carefully controlled life spins into chaos after she’s run down in the street, left broken and bloody. She wakes up fully healed in a place called the lobby – pulled from her life, through time and space into some kind of game in which she and a team of other teens are sent on missions to eliminate the Drau, terrifying and beautiful alien creatures. There are no practice runs, no training, and no way out. Every moment of the game is kill or be killed, and Miki has only the questionable guidance of Jackson Tate, the team’s alluring and secretive leader. And then the game takes a deadly and terrifying turn. (Modified Goodreads blurb)


I seem to be on a “great concept not so good execution” roll lately – first Poison Princess then Rush.

Rush promises aliens, a high octane game, overall just this wonderfully sci fi feeling. And yes, all of these things are there. But high school drama, love triangles etc. get in the way and I found myself skimming through those sections.

Rush chronicles Miki Jones’s acclimation to the Game where players are teamed up in groups of around four and are sent through time and space to stop the Drau from conquering earth. The Drau are aliens who destroyed their own planet and now travel across the universe destroying other planets to feed themselves.

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They’re ugly, mesmerizing, telepathic, and wickedly dangerous and more than once, Miki questions how things go to this point. The battles are videogame-esque with each team only having to complete a brief mission each time they are sent out. There’s a point system for the missions tallying both kills and damage sustained by the players. Honestly it sounds like a lot of fun if not for the fact that the players ARE FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES.

Seriously, each player is brought into the game through a horrible accident (in Miki’s case, getting run over by a truck saving a friend’s sister). As long as they make it out of the missions alive, the players get to keep living but if they “die” in the mission, then they also die in the accident that first started their journey. Rush does a much better job of explaining how this work and that’s actually one part that I liked – the actual science aspect of this book. It’s interesting and confusing enough making the author sound authoritative but the parts I do understand seem to be correct.

The MC Miki has a slew of personal demons she’s dealing with and the Game is both a distraction and also a bigger issue. She and the other players are sworn to secrecy which leads to even more stress in her life.

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Through this all, Miki shows admirable strength though. She uses her talents to her advantage during the game, quickly steeling herself to the toughness that is required to survive. She’s only a teenager though and so she has break downs understandably but she comes out better.

Everything related to the game is really interesting in this book. The part that took away from its appeal was the high school scenes. Miki emerges from the game understandably shaken and it was annoying to see how her friends basically dump her b/c she’s acting not normally. I didn’t want to read about all the drama with her friends, especially b/c there was this mess of a love polygon. Basically, Miki and her best friend Carly (not in the game) both seem to like these two guys, Luka and Jackson (in the game). There’s misunderstanding, passive aggressive moves, and yea it’s a total mess. And all of this took up such a large chunk of the book. Totally unnecessary.

Still, on the whole Rush is a well done book. It ends with an interesting cliff hanger and I really want to see where the series is going especially because this book feels so much like an intro! So much potential.

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