Book Stats

  • Seizure
  • Kathy Reichs
  • Released October 18th 2011
  • Book 2 of Virals
  • 3 stars


Ever since Tory Brennan and her friends rescued Cooper, a kidnapped wolf pup with a rare strain of canine parvovirus, they’ve turned from regular kids into a crime-solving pack. But now that Loggerhead Island, the place that brought them together, is out of funding and is about to shut down, the Virals need to find a way to save it. When Tory hears of the lost treasure of Anne Bonney, she convinces the others to help her find it. But the virals aren’t the only ones after the treasure and without understanding their abilities, the virals may have dug themselves into a deep pit of trouble.


It’s not that I don’t love the premise of this series (or even this book); I really do. Fearless, smart, resourceful teenagers that stop crimes and solve mysteries seem so cool. But when they have lucky break after lucky break or Tory has revelation after revelation, it gets to the point of both “where can this go next” and “oh, I saw that coming” level of incredulity.

Seizure kind of picks up where Virals finishes. The pack of Virals are still trying to figure out their powers, fearful of being caught and hauled in for scientific research, and are devastated to learn that the factor keep them together, Loggerhead Island, is about to be shut down forcing them all to move away. Tory gets this bright scheme to find lost treasure and somehow – and this got old really quickly – convinces the whole pack to follow her. TBH, the whole book kind of goes in a “Tory gets an idea, the others hate it, Tory wheedles them into doing it, everyone sees how smart she is and vows never to mistrust her again…” cycle.

Back to the Virals. Like any good friendship, they have their disagreements over how things should be carried out through the book but in the end they’re all there for each other. This I liked, I mean there’s nothing better than a tight friendship to keep drama away! And speaking of drama, there is the whole unnecessary part of cotillion in this book. The only purpose that it could have ostensibly served is as a venue for Tory to figure out her powers but the bitch-out sessions between Tory and the tripod-of-skank, though sometimes satisfying to read (I mean I love me a good roast), did nothing for the plot and I would have been more interested in mystery solving.

However, even the mystery solving got laid on a bit too thickly. Every lead that the Virals think of is correct and no matter what, they always succeed. Sure the author tried to inject failure into the plot by making them go on a bajillion step hunt with what seems like the treasure never actually being the treasure, but his in and of itself was a problem. By the third or so false ending, I just wanted them to find the fucking treasure already and talk about how saving Loggerhead Island was going to go. On top of all this, the Virals manage to sneak out every night and each morning they all exclaim “OMG we’re so lucky we didn’t get caught” and I thought that since it seemed suspicious that they were so lucky, it was going to come up later that their stalkers had been keeping their parents asleep or something but no, they really were just lucky which was disappointing.

Okay so this review sounds like I didn’t like the book but I did. Seizure’s fault is in taking everything to the extreme where at some point it is not so much interesting anymore as “ugh.” Still, despite this, there’s an addictive quality to this series. I do hope book three is a bit more like the first in realness.

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