Book Stats:

  • Rogue
  • Julie Kagawa
  • Released April 28th 2015
  • Book 2 of Talon
  • 3 Stars


After fleeing Talon with the rogue dragon Cobalt, Ember Hill is determined to get her twin brother out of the organization and save Garret, the human who helped her escape, from execution. However, being a rogue is harder than she thought it would be and Ember finds herself on the run from not only the Order of St. George, the human group dedicated to eradicating dragons, but also from Talon. On top of that, she is torn between Cobalt, to whom her dragon side calls, and Garret who – though human – makes her feel normal. As Cobalt’s safe houses continue to fall, their group travels to Vegas to rescue two hatchlings. But things are not as they seem, especially when Talon is involved.


Undeniably action packed, Rogue has more of what I expected of a dragon packed book than Talon was but where it falls short is in its horrid character development. Talon was light and generic YA paranormal but it had a passionate cast whereas Rogue is the opposite doing better in some places and much worse in others.

Here’s what I liked about Rogue: the excitement I felt when reading all the fight scenes. There are multiple narrators in Rogue which leaves me as the reader with all the playing cards while each character only has pieces of the puzzle. When Ember and Cobalt walk right into Talon’s trap, I actually felt helpless because I knew that they were screwing up royally but that I couldn’t do anything about it and I was left in suspense waiting for them to realize what was going on. The author did that part quite well and it kept me reading and reading on. Then when everyone is fighting near the end, I found myself mentally cheering on Ember and her friends. See I felt really invested in them when they were fighting.

It was a whole nother story when they weren’t fighting. Ember, who was so strong in the last book, is a wisp of what she was and it’s frustrating to see. I wanted her conviction and passion but got this indecisive and sort of helpless shell of what she was. And on top of that, there’s a horrible love triangle that flares to life in Rogue. In Talon, it was pretty clear who Ember was going to choose and so I thought we were over that but no, Ember can’t make up her mind in this book and it’s infuriating to watch. For someone who should be focused on surviving, Ember spends way too much time debating Garret and Cobalt in her head. Seriously girl, just pick one and move on.

Honestly, if it weren’t for the love triangle, I could have liked Rogue much better. We learn about Cobalt’s background and more about Talon and all of that is really interesting. Here’s hoping that Soldier is better than Rogue.

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