Yellow Brick War

Book Stats:

  • Yellow Brick War
  • Danielle Paige
  • Released March 15th 2016
  • Book 3 of Dorothy Must Die
  • 2.5 Stars


Stuck in Kansas without magic, the most powerful members of the order are running out of time to kill Dorothy before she destroys Oz. Their only hope? Dorothy’s original magical shoes which can take them back to Oz. Amy Gumm, back in her native Kansas, is sent by the order to uncover the shoes but she starts to feel more and more estranged from the order with their restrictive rules and need-to-know basis for dispensing information. Dorothy and Glinda have always been the enemy, the ones behind the destruction of Oz. Or are they?


I almost gave this 1 star for the ending… because I thought this was a trilogy.

Yellow Brick War is so short, only two events really happen and I think the smarter decision for this series would have been to make these into two novellas (I mean there are plenty of novellas in the series already) or to combine this with the next book. The first two books felt like full length novels because a lot happens in both so I don’t know why this trilogy turned into a four book series and whether or not the trajectory was changed to accommodate the fourth book.

However, the limited amount of material this book has is all satisfactory. I liked Amy’s visit to Kansas, her chats with both her mother and Madison. She has this “I will not get attached” attitude that she tries to maintaining but she shows moments of caring for both parties. Amy is back in Kansas because she, Mombi, Gert, Glamora, and Knox have limited use of magic and can’t get out. She is tasked with finding the silver shoes that Dorothy originally had coming to the “revelation” that Dorothy was a real person and her story really happened (this part was confusing because we were supposed to be assuming this already…). This finding the shoes adventure comprises the first half of the book and thus you can see how uneventful Yellow Brick War was.

Anyways, she finds the shoes obviously but they find out that there is another force besides Dorothy and Glinda that they now have to watch for. I’m pretty sure this plot twist was only added in to provide material for the last book because without it, the series could have concluded at this book. The gang makes it back to Oz just in time to duke it out with Glinda and Dorothy and thus the novel seemingly ends. But there’s still that pesky other villain and just like the last two books, Yellow Brick War concludes with this strange cliff hanger.

Honestly, this series has dragged on for too long. I loved the first two books, loved the world of Oz that had been expanded beyond the original books, loved the cast of characters. Yellow Brick has none of those: no new insights into Oz, barely any meaningful character interactions. And while I found the events of this story interesting, I think that it really needs to end. With the way this book could have wrapped up, I have no idea how a fourth novel can be built around only one plot point. I mean I’ll still read the book – I’m so far into the series to stop now – but I really hope it brings out something special.

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