World After

Book Stats:

  • World After
  • Susan Ee
  • Released November 19th 2013
  • Book 2 of Penryn and the End of Days series
  • 3.5 stars


Penryn has Paige back and Raffe is flying with wings again, but nothing is as it should be. Paige seems like a monster and runs away when resistance members try to subdue her and Raffe, though flying, has the wrong set of wings and without his own, can’t rejoin angel society. As Penryn tries to find her sister, she finds herself in an angel laboratory and in their new headquarters where she learns why they came to Earth and what they plan to do. She is once again forced to work with Raffe but they both know that as a battle between angels and humans draws nearer, they will have to choose sides. When faced with death, who will they each pick?


I had expectations; I wanted action and heroics. Instead I got 200 pages of mild horror and angst with only the last third or so of the book bring back the spark that Angelfall had.

The root of all of my problems with this book is probably that Penryn and Raffe have no idea where the other is (or if they even exist) for basically the whole book and without their banter and teamwork anything that one character does just seems lack luster.

You know the creepy scorpion things that Penryn got stung by at the end of Angelfall? Well it turns out they’re supposed to be locusts based off the biblical description. The angels (or at least a faction of them) are trying to bring the apocalypse around so that judgement day can come and their friends can be set free. Anyways Penryn finds herself on Alcatraz and then at the new base of the angels chasing down her sister who was reengineered by the angels and turned into this vicious yet horribly misunderstood monster. That’s what she does: chase. Small skirmishes she does get into but there’s not major action.

Instead the book seems like horror when Penryn is in the laboratory on Alcatraz. Perhaps this is because it was late, like around midnight, when I started into World After, but regardless I was creeped and grossed out by the way the locusts were made and by the way the people contained on the island were treating. I wouldn’t have minded a nice info dump mediated by eavesdropping to learn about everything going on on that island. It would have shortened up the beginning allowing for more later in the book and besides, Penryn already learns a shit load from a brief undercover stint in the aerie so it’s not like the author was avoiding doing such things.

Despite my reserves about the way things were told to the reader, I really did like learning more about the angel’s endgame plan and whatnot. I also enjoyed the development of Penryn and Paige’s mom whose name I still don’t know. She cares for her kids though her paranoia and confusion get in the way of her showing it sometimes. She’s the only one who really tries to help Paige after rescuing her and there’s this genius device that she has that turns out to be really useful once again proving that she’s not just a crazy person getting in the way.

This was definitely a good read, don’t get me wrong, but following such a good first book any book would have trouble comparing. Though this book could definitely have been compressed quite a bit, I enjoyed learning more about the story, more about the characters. Still I really hope End of Days has more Raffe/Penryn scenes because tbh, they’re what made the first book awesome.

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