Everything Everything

Book Stats:

  • Everything Everything
  • Nicola Yoon
  • Delacorte Books for Young Readers
  • Released September 1st 2015
  • 3 stars


Madeline is allergic to the world, literally. Ever since she was a child, her mom has kept her safe within their purified home so that she never has to risk coming into contact with the outside. But when a new family moves in next door, Madeline is instantly attracted to their son, a boy wearing all black named Olly. They grow closer and dream of travelling the world but of course, they know it’s impossible because of Madeline’s disease.


Everything Everything has a really pretty cover and it was hyped a lot. I know I rag on contemp. Fic quite a bit but this time, I did really enjoy it except for the ending but we’ll get to that later.

I liked how sweet Madeline and Olly were with each other; they started out understandably shy and even though they faced quite a few roadblocks, their relation survives to the end of the book! Maddy has no social skills really when Olly first moves in and so she kind of stalks him for a while and then they start conversing via email and finally get to meet in person. I found them really adorable and though the romance got overpowering at some points, I get it; Olly is basically the third person Maddy has ever met in person!

Maddy’s relationship with her mother was also played out nicely. They both obviously care for each other a lot but as the book progresses, you can see them struggling to figure out how much freedom Maddy should be allowed, especially considering her ailment. Other things that I appreciated was the non white girl main character and Olly’s support of Maddy despite her disease.

Now for the ending… Everything Everything was going quite nicely but for me, when the event happens, it kind of negated the whole book. It took away much of the meaning of the whole story like everything the characters did was for naught. I’ll give this book credit for resolving cleanly but again the big reveal doesn’t work for me. And that’s kind of a shame because I think I really could have enjoyed it more without it.

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