Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Book Stats:

  • Dreams of Gods and Monsters
  • Laini Taylor
  • Little Brown and Company
  • Released April 8th 2014
  • Book 3 of Daughter of Smoke and Bone
  • 5 Stars


In order to stop the tyrant Seraph ruler, Jael, from taking weapons from Earth to finally conquer all of Eretz, Karou and Akiva face the difficult task of uniting their two armies: the Chimera and the Misbegotten, sworn enemies. But even as their efforts start to work, there are bigger forces at work and inexplicable phenomena start to happen for no reason and even when an apparent victory has been reached in Eretz, secrets about the skies and the worlds are revealed and things start to seem much more dire for Karou and Akiva’s futures. From the streets of Rome to the caves of the Kirin and beyond, humans, chimaera and seraphim will fight, strive, love, and die in an epic theater that transcends good and evil, right and wrong, friend and enemy.


Achingly beautiful language is what makes this book and this whole series so captivating. Every sentence is infused with so much description and strange metaphors that actually work giving so much life, so much sense to each of the characters and their surroundings and as a reader, I’m left hanging onto every little word!

It’s with this language that such a long winded plot in this book with so many viewpoints and so many converging storylines doesn’t fall apart. I’ll admit, I was a bit confused in the beginning when the book kept switching between different perspective, some new and some old but as each was fleshed out and I could see where everything *seemed* to be heading, this became less of an annoyance.

All of our favorite supporting characters – Mick, Zuzana, Liraz, Ziri, Issa etc – are as wonderful as ever. They all care so much for Karou and Akiva and work so hard to unite the two armies so that everyone can have a happy ending. Also, is anyone else so glad that Liraz came out of her shell?! When she loses it giving Karou the thurible, I thought I was going to explode with emotions because she finally has something she cares about besides her misbegotten kin! Ahhh, shipping so hard right now.

Okay, though there technically isn’t enough romance to call this a romance novel, Karou and Akiva take star-crossed to the next level. All this tension all the time and every time where things start to look up for them, bam they’re separated by some event, some obligation to their people. They’re so selfless and then there’s me sitting there internally screaming at them to just ignore their lives for just one night. Their story hurts so much 😥

And while the final plot related development of this book is a bit rushed and its resolution a bit too convenient and out of the blue, I think it leaves the future open enough so that readers can do a bit of imagining. This is the way endings should be done I think, resolute enough that things feel like they have calmed down but uncertain enough to portray that there is hope, that the story has a future beyond what is written down in a book. And though this kind of ending may be frustrating, it’s also the most realistic and ultimately most satisfying leaving you with the “what do I do with my life now?” kind of feeling.

At this point I am totally addicted to Laini Taylor’s writing, can’t emphasize how much control over language that she has! Eagerly awaiting her next book and if it’s anything close to this series, I know I’ll love it.

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