Book Stats:

  • Stiletto
  • Daniel O’Malley
  • Little Brown and Company
  • Released June 14th 2016
  • Book 2 of the Checquy Files
  • 5 stars


As the Checquy and the Grafters move toward forming an official merger, it is up to Myfanwy Thomas and the people closest to her to ensure that the two groups – which have years of enmity and fear between them – can come together peacefully. But as bizarre attacks sweep London, the negotiations become close to falling apart. It’s up to Myfanwy and two woman, one Checquy and one Grafter, to seek out the culprits behind the attacks before a devastating otherworldly war is triggered.


Ahhh I loved this book!! I powered through the last 300 pages all in one sitting and it was amazing and awesome and super duper crazy. Stiletto is everything that The Rook was: fast paced with badass and hilarious main characters. The length of the book lets each of the characters really develop a personality and just as in The Rook, something goes wrong around every corner. I don’t even know what else I can say than Stiletto was perfect!!

There are so many strengths to this book. There are even more powers that are added to people in this book and they just get weirder and weirder and the stories within this story – subplots everywhere! – just go to show how well crafted Stiletto is. Yes it kind of wanders around but I don’t care, every incident is hilarious and shocking at the same time and seeing the predicaments that these supernaturals managed to get themselves into was immensely amusing to read about.

What’s also useful is how easily reintroduced into the world we are. There’s plenty of material review from the Rook which makes it so much easier to get right into Stiletto without rereading the first book. No confusion at all in terms of remembering past info.

The humor in this book has to be the best part because it’s my kind of funny: obnoxious comments said with a straight face, sometimes without sarcasm either because this is a supernatural organization after all. Just as with the Rook, the whole time I was reading this, every few pages or so I would have to bite back laughter or sit there laughing without noise! Seriously, that’s how funny it is

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