Review Policy

Book Acceptance, Guest Interview, Giveaway policies to come


We will write reviews for almost every book we finish. Many reviews will also be posted on Goodreads though they may be modified. Reviews are written in a relaxed manner reminiscent of a conversation among friends. They are not meant to be objective literary critiques.

We write fair and honest reviews, but this does not mean we will always write positive reviews. Our reviews are our opinion, and if we don’t enjoy a book then our review will reflect that.

With that said, we strive to explain why the book in question did not work for us personally. We do NOT write nasty or snarky commentary about the author.

If we do not finish a book we may write an explanation for DNF-ing. These explanations are different from standard reviews and will state that we did not finish the book, what page (or percentage) we read up to, why we did not finish, and if we plan on ever picking up the book again.

Review Structure:

All reviews will include the following:

  • Cover art
  • Book stats: Title, author, publisher, release date, series status
  • Star rating
  • Summary
  • Review

Star Meanings:

five-stars Loved it, want to own and reread

four-stars Really liked it, not perfect or earth shattering, but very enjoyable

three-stars Liked it, but enough things detracted from overall impression

two-stars Okay/moderately disliked, many things negatively affect enjoyment

one-star Seriously disliked, possibly DNF

Note – Star ratings are generally only comparable within a genre

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