Photo Finish Destination 1: Washington DC

Washington DC

I’ve been taking a lot of photos on my vacation, as promised, and this was the first stop (the first of many). DC is a wonderfully historical and magnificent place, with many tourist attractions, including the infamous 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Some highlights of my DC experience, for all those that are interested in travel or interesting in hearing me talk about my travels, include all of the monuments/memorials: Washington monument, Jefferson memorial, Lincoln memorial, Vietnam memorial, just to name a few. These may not be the technical names of all the structures, but they are definitely worth seeing and all located fairly close to each other.

Of course, the White House was also a must-see destination for me, as it is for pretty much everyone who goes to DC. (the Pentagon is a close second). If you’re more into history or the learning experience of DC, there are so many great museums to visit. I’ve been to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and a few of the Smithsonian buildings. These were full of awe-inspiring exhibits and interesting information that anyone would enjoy (at least for a couple hours ;P)

So I didn’t really mean for this to turn into a travel advising post, but I just had to share some places of interest. 🙂 Also, no one really told me DC would be so hot! I’ve been twice; the first time I went it was around 100 degrees and this time was about 95 (both times were in summer June-July).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photo/banner! (that was actually the main intent of this post… photography…)

Many more coming along, probably posted weekly/sporadically for the next month or so, continuing after I come back from my trip.

Happy travels! 😀


    • Thanks! Can’t wait to post more; I still have a ton of places to cover! I’m probably going to space the posts about my trip out evenly so that I won’t bombard anyone with tons of pictures and travel stuff, but it’s really fun to post these photos! 🙂

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