Why am I here? An existential crisis (not)

Ah summer days… a paradox of time suspension and time flown by. A couple weeks ago I was cheering and screaming: “Yes!! Summer is finally here!” I’m sure we can all relate to this cry of joy unless you’re one of those people who covet the cold, frosty winter air… and in that case who are you?! But coming back on track, summer is here at last, and I am a month into my break from the treacherous halls of High School, and I sit here with nothing to do. Well, I guess that isn’t entirely true; I could be out there in the world planning something revolutionary or attending classes to boost my intellectual abilities like some of my fellow try-hard classmates. But what’s the fun in that? So here I find myself with time on my hands and words on my fingertips spilling out onto this page because what else is there to do? They say to write you need a hook, an attention getter. But with a life full of mundane comings and goings, all I have is what manifests in my thoughts, things that can only be seen from the outside looking in. So here I will spill my secrets, share my wisdoms gleaned from 16 years of life, and tell the stories however random they may be. And maybe, just maybe, you can relate to the weird and pointless things I’ll say. Because the truth is, why the hell not?


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